Bob Pegg words ~ music ~ place contact: In the shows, I bring together story, music, song and verse to present a one-man entertainment on the chosen themes.  The exception is Rognvald’s Journey, which has toured Orkney and Shetland and was launched at the Edinburgh  International Storytelling Festival in 2008. This is a collaboration with Orkney storyteller Tom Muir, and clarsair Bill  Taylor, a great, epic adventure.  I also fashion shows on request for particular events: for example Come Listen to the Crofters, which Gaelic singer  Chrissie Stewart and I performed on behalf of Forestry Commission Scotland, in township sites and community venues  during 2009, the Highland Year of Homecoming, and The Bishop and the Big Feller at Carnasserie Castle in Argyll,  March 2011, with Historic Scotland and Kilmartin House Museum.  Some shows are suitable for a family audience, others for adults and older children. Please email if you would like more  information about any particular show.  Rognvald's Journey poster Stones of Stenness John Rae's memorial - Kirkwall The Last Wolf Scandinavian shepherd's pipe Roots and Flutes presents the  sounds and stories of some of the  world’s oldest musical instruments,  including shells, stones, ocarinas,  bullroarers, panpipes and flutes. The  show has amazed and delighted  schools, festivals and community  venues throughout Britain.  John Rae of Orkney is inspired by  the life of the Victorian Arctic explorer, who notoriously uncovered the fate of  Sir John Franklin’s expedition to  discover the North West Passage.  The story is told using Inuit, First  Nation and European folk tales,  together with song, music and verse. Odin's Hounds: John Hodkinson Stones and Bones looks at the kinds of  stories, songs and music which might have  entertained people in prehistoric Britain. From  hunter-gatherers making music with beach  objects, to neolithic farmers and Celtic  invaders, the performance creates a world  where the forests and the sea provide food for  sustenance as well as being the settings for  fantastic adventures and the dwelling places of  mysterious supernatural creatures. The Last Wolf brings together  stories, songs and verse about the  wolf. It uses medieval werewolf  stories, European Romany legend,  Highland tales of last wolves and  Native American tradition to reflect  changing attitudes to this  charismatic animal throughout  history and in differing cultures. Rognvald’s Journey takes the 12th century  pilgrimage made by Orkney Earl Rognvald Kali  Kolsson, an episode from Orkneyinga Saga,  and fleshes it out with medieval music and  stories from the countries which Rognvald and  his companions visited. I am joined by Orkney  storyteller Tom Muir and harper Bill Taylor. The  saga story includes amorous dalliance in the  courts of Narbonne, the siege of a Galician  castle, and piracy in the Mediterranean. A  swashbuckling adventure story. Fire and Ice blends  Norse  myths - stories of Thor, Odin  and the trickster Loki - and  musical instruments from the  Scandinavian Dark Ages: bone  flute, Northern European lyre,  the Snorrie Bone, and the  Jorvik panpipes. Perfect for  museums and for primary  schools studying the Vikings. The People of the Sea Stormy Weather The People of the Sea was inspired  by the David Thomson’s magical book  of the same name. It’s a quest for  stories about the supernatural  denizens of the deep, taking in  encounters with Scottish and  Scandinavian storytellers  and their  tales of selkies, Finmen, giant girls and magic millstones. Stormy Weather came out of a commission for Ullapool Museum in 2010 to put together  two shows about extreme weather  conditions. Such a fruitful theme suggested  song (the ballad of Sir Patrick Spens),  stories of bravery and wild supernatural  encounters, together with riddles and the  odd bit of verse, all now condensed into a  single performance.