Bob Pegg words ~ music ~ place contact: Welcome to the site. Here’s information about the ways in which I use words, music and a sense of place to create performances, school and community projects, recordings and publications. If you’re thinking of working with me, I hope this proves helpful. Since I moved from Yorkshire to the north of Scotland, over twenty years ago, my work has been increasingly influenced by travels throughout the Highlands and Islands, and the site is largely dedicated to that influence. From past interest, though, I know that there are folk out there who are curious about my early professional history, particularly as a folk singer and as co-leader of the band Mr Fox, so for you there’s also some stuff. Pages on the site are laid out like this first one. The text at the top of the page is a summary of work in a particular field. Below are individual panels. Each panel incorporates an image, and each tells a story relevant to the page’s theme.It’s been a great pleasure throughout my career to have been able to collaborate with lots of inspiring artists, and I have included work from many of them. All the images can be enlarged by clicking on them. Playing the gemshorn Skye from the top of the bealach By the Dornoch Firth: Adrian Clarke Ancient Maps LP cover: John Hodkinson Music - is a theme running  through my life. I’ve sung and played in schools, folk clubs,  festivals and big concert  halls; made LPs and CDs;  organised community choirs  and children’s orchestras;  composed for radio, TV and  film. Even when storytelling, I  like to break things up with a  tune and a song. Performance - I enjoy being at home, recording and  researching, but after a while my feet start to itch. I need  to meet people, work with  them and for them, and  enjoy the buzz that comes  from live performance. Here  I battle for supremacy with a  pylon, on the banks of the  Dornoch Firth, doing a gig  for Scottish Natural Heritage. Place - in the Highlands  and Islands every river,  loch, bay, cave, mountain,  burn, castle, croft, hillock,  has its own story to tell.  Wolves, selkies, kelpies,  ghosts, Picts, Vikings,  neolithic tomb builders, and the good people, have  been a constant source of  inspiration since I came to  live in the far north. Words - from narrative songs of the Yorkshire Dales for folk rock band  Mr Fox, to storytelling from the  Highlands to Iceland, words have  always been at the heart of my  work. The common factor has been  a sense of place, and the tales  which attach themselves to specific  locations - Ancient Maps, which is  why I chose this John Hodkinson  album sleeve,  from 1975.